JAN 10 : Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter, SoundON Festival,  Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, La Jolla, CA

FEB 8 : Portrait Concert Roulette. Brooklyn, NY.

FEB 22: Mouthpiece 28, TAK Ensemble, St. Cloud State University, Minnesota.

March 2: Mouthpiece 28, TAK Ensemble, Cluster Festival, Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada.

March 30: Mouthpiece XXIV Ryan Muncy, Ross Karre, Opera Omaha’s One Festival, Omaha, NE

April 4: Mouthpiece X, Mouthpiece 1, Archipel Festival, Geneva, Switzerland.

April 5: Mouthpiece X, Mouthpiece 1, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

April 11: Mouthpiece 1, Mouthpiece 4, Rose Hegele, voice. Areté Festival. Brooklyn, NY.

May 11: Mouthpiece 29, Mouthpiece 1, Yamaguchi Mouthpieces, Erin Gee, voice, Sound Icon ensemble, Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, 3pm.

May 17: Mouthpiece XXIV Festival ME_MMIX, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

JUNE 1: Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter, Dal Niente ensemble, LAphil Noon to Midnight concert series, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA.

JUNE 15: Mouthpiece X, Mouthpiece 29, Mouthpiece I, Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter, Mouthpiece Remix, Erin Gee, voice, Seattle Modern Orchestra, The Chapel at the Good Shepherd Center, Seattle, WA.

JUNE 16: Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter, Dal Niente ensemble, The Revival, Chicago.

JUNE 16: Mouthpiece I Anna Maria Pammer, voice. Sammlung Hoffmann, Berlin.

SEPT 5: Mouthpiece 29 + more Resonant Bodies Festival, Erin Gee voice, Argento Ensemble, Colin Gee, Roulette, Brooklyn, NYC.


JAN 13 : Portrait Half-Concert Anna Maria Pammer, Oesterreisches Ensemble für Neue Musik, Salzburg, Austria.

Feb 22 : Scenes from SLEEP: an opera  Ekmeles Ensemble, Crypt of the Church of the Intercession, NYC.

APR 14 : Mouthpiece I, Carrie Henemann Shaw, voice. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival.

APR 24-26 : Mouthpiece XXII  JACK Quartet, Duke University

May 3: Mouthpiece 29, Mouthpiece XXIV, Mouthpiece I Original Gravity Concert at Down the Road Brewery 7pm, Everett, MA

May 11: Mouthpiece I, Alexandra Porter, voice. Solo voice recital hosted by Contemporary Undercurrent of Song Project, All Saints' Episcopal Church, Princeton NJ

May 12: Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter. Michael Lewanski, conducting. Centro de Experimentación y Producción de Música Contemporánea. Sala Manuel M Ponce, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City.

May 19: Mouthpiece 28, New Music Gathering, Boston Conservatory of Music, Boston.

June 20: Mouthpiece 28, Nief-Norf Festival, Knoxville, Tenessee

June 30 - July 7 Etchings Festival Masterclasses, Auvillar, France

July 4 Mouthpiece 30 Frauke Aulbert, voice. Greek National Opera, Alernative Stage. Athens, Greece.

Sept 23 Mouthpieces Alexandra Porter, St Philip's Episcopal Church, New Hope, PA

Sept 30 Mouthpiece 32 Dal Niente, Constellation, Chicago

Oct 6 Mouthpiece XIXc Dal Niente, Centro de Experimentación y Producción de Música Contemporánea. Sala Manuel M Ponce, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City.

Oct 18 Mouthpiece I Danielle Buonaiuto, Greenpoint Gallery, New York

Oct 30 Mouthpiece 28 TAK Ensemble, Library of Congress. [video]

Nov 2 Mouthpiece 32 Dal Niente, UC Davis, Davis, CA

Nov 25 Yamaguchi Mouthpiece I + III, Peyee Chen, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK.

Nov 26 Mouthpiece 28 TAK Ensemble, Boston University.


13 JAN : Mouthpiece 28, TAK Ensemble, Williams College.

27 JAN : Mouthpiece 28, TAK Ensemble, Dimenna Center, NYC.

7 FEB : 3 Scenes from the opera, “SLEEP” Ekmeles Ensemble, Syracuse University, NY.

9 FEB : 3 Scenes from the opera, “SLEEP” Ekmeles Ensemble, Dimenna Center, NYC.

15 FEB : Mouthpiece XXIV, Sonic Illinois Festival, University of Illinois.

6 APR : Mouthpiece 28, Niente/Forte Festival, TAK Ensemble, Tulane University, New Orleans.

MAY 27 : Mouthpiece XXII  JACK Quartet   KLANG Festival, Copenhagen

13 JUN : Frauke Aulbert, Unerhörte Musik, Berlin, Germany.

18 JUNE : Frauke Aulbert, Summer in Stuttgart, Theaterhaus, Stuttgart.

JULY 1 : Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter, Chamber Cartel, Orpheus Brewing, Atlanta, GA.

JULY : Mouthpiece XXII  JACK Quartet   Banff Centre    

AUG 7: Mouthpiece XXII  JACK Quartet  Chatauqua Institute, NY

AUG 25 : Mouthpiece XXII  JACK Quartet  Lucerne Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland

OCT 19 : Mouthpiece XXII  JACK Quartet  Miller Theater, Columbia University, New York City

OCT 20 : Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter  Argento Ensemble St. Peter's Church, NYC

OCT 26/27 : Mouthpiece XXII  JACK Quartet   University of Missouri

NOV 13 : quill.h. and Mouthpiece XXII Ludovico Ensemble, St. Paul's, Brookline, Massachusetts

NOV 18 : Mouthpiece 30  Frauke Aulbert  Elbphilharmonie  Hamburg

NOV 20 : Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter  Argento Ensemble La Marberie, Paris




OCT 15 Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter. Michael Lewasnki, Chamber Cartel, Atlanta, GA

OCT 8 Mouthpiece XXVI at the Musikprotokoll Festival, Graz, Austria

JULY 29 Mouthpiece XI - Alarm Will Sound at Mizzou Festival

JULY 24-29 Mizzou International Festival - Guest composer and performer

JULY 23 Tanglewood Music Center, Festival for Contemporary Music - Mouthpiece 29

JUNE 10 Mouthpiece X - Wet Ink Ensemble

JUNE 3+4 music for "Frontier" written/directed/performed by Colin Gee, Brooklyn Studios for Dance

MAY Mouthpiece XXVI as part of "Hoehenrausch" installation Linz, Austria

MAY 6-8 "They Go Out in Joy" with Colin Gee and Angie Smalis

Abrons Art Center, NYC.

MAY 6 Mouthpiece XIXc - ECCE Ensemble

Mouthpiece XIXc at the Le Laboratoire, Cambridge, MA. 7pm.

MAY 3 Mouthpiece XIXc - ECCE Ensemble

Mouthpiece XIXc at the Dimmena Center for Classical Music, NYC. 8pm

APRIL 11 DePaul Humanities Series

DePaul University, Chicago

MARCH 22 Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter

Mizzou New Music Ensemble, Columbia, Missouri

MARCH 14-18, 2016 - Mouthpiece XIXc at NienteForte Festival, Featured Composer, Tulane University

 Mouthpiece XIXc premiered by ECCE Ensemble at NienteForte Festival, Masterclasses, Lecture

FEBRUARY 6, 2016 8PM - Mouthpiece XXIV for tenor sax and percussion

Mouthpiece XXIV at Chopin Theater, Chicago 8pm  Ryan Muncy and Ross Karre in OpenICE

JANUARY 8, 2016 - Mouthpiece XXIV for tenor sax and percussion

New Music Gathering, The Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University, Ryan Muncy and Ross Karre

NOVEMBER 12 + 13, 2015

Mouthpiece XXV for Sonic Hedgehog (Shanna Gutierrez Bass Flute, Fie Shouten Bass Clarinet, Wiek Hijmans Electric Guitar) Amsterdam

Nov. 12 8:30pm Da Ruimte, Amsterdam Nord

Nov. 13 8o:30pm  Salon de Ijzerstaven, Bickersgracht 10, Amsterdam.

NOV - DEC 2015

Bogliasco Fellowship, Bogliasco, Italy

JULY - AUG 2015

Yaddo Artists Residency

MAY 22 2015

Mouthpiece I performed in Colin Gee's Frontier at Brooklyn Studios for Dance

MAY 2015

Charles Ives Fellowship for Music Composition, American Academy of Arts and Letters

APRIL 24, 2015

Mouthpiece: Segment of the 3rd Letter, Ecce Ensemble with Amanda Bartlett DeBoer. DiMenna Center, NYC.

APRIL 22, 2015

Premiere of Mouthpiece XXIV,  Ryan Muncy and Ross Karre, Abrons Arts Center, NYC

APRIL 11, 2015

Mouthpiece I. Charlotte Mundy, voice. 

MARCH 6, 2015

Mouthpiece: Segment of the 4th Letter DePaul University. 20+ Ensemble. Michael Lewanski, conducting. Chicago.


FEBRUARY 16, 2014

Mouthpiece VI+I, composed by Erin Gee, performed with Fonema Consort with Colin Gee, will be in Chicago, at Constellation. For more information please go here.

JANUARY 30, 2014

Mouthpiece XX will be in Vienna at the Wiener Konzerthaus. Composed and performed by Erin Gee, with Colin Gee and the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra. Video by Patrick Kelley. For more information please go here.