photo by Jonah Sutherland

photo by Jonah Sutherland

New Yorker preview:

“It seems practically unthinkable that this Argento New Music Project event is billed as the vocalist and composer Erin Gee’s first-ever portrait concert, given that the disparate works that she calls “Mouthpieces” are so potent, influential, and genuinely appealing. She initiated the series, in 2000, with a modest two-minute earworm that showcased her own idiosyncratic vocal techniques; she has now completed thirty such pieces, for singer, instrumentalists, or both at once. Here, Gee performs some of her distinctive compositions, including two New York premiéres, alongside Argento’s dependable skillful players.” - Steve Smith, Feb. 2019

For February 8, 2019 portrait concert at Roulette

Erin Gee at  Archipel Festival , Geneva, Switzerland, 2019

Erin Gee at Archipel Festival, Geneva, Switzerland, 2019

Kronos QuartetShillim Foundation

The Shillim Foundation is an outgrowth of the Shillim Institute which is 3,500 acres of a super biodiverse landscape in the Western Ghats mountain region in Maharashtra, India, and it's designated as an UNESCO hotspot for biodiversity.

As part of the commission, I spent 8 days this May doing sound research at the Shillim Foundation in Maharashtra, and worked with expert sound engineer and designer Joel Gordon to produce onsite bioscoustic recordings that captured the sounds of the region, which I am using both for inspiration and as actual sonic structures. I'm incredibly touched by the Foundation’s mission to intersect the arts and ecological conservation in order for us to deepen our understanding and appreciation of this planet.

Mouthpiece 29 - Tanglewood Music Center - 2016

Boston Globe Review

Rogovoy Report

Mouthpiece 29 was a commission for voice, violin, viola and double bass.

Premiered at the Tanglewood Music Center's Festival of Contemporary on July 23, 2016

Erin Gee, voice

Harry Change, violin

Joseph Burke, viola

Charles Paul, double bass

Erin Gee - composer and vocalist

Erin Gee - composer and vocalist

Sibling collaborators  Colin Gee  and Erin Gee  Photo by Joe Kohen for the New York Times

Sibling collaborators Colin Gee and Erin Gee

Photo by Joe Kohen for the New York Times

Mouthpiece XIII : Mathilde of Loci Part 1 - 2009

Concert-Opera, premiered at Carnegie Hall, Zankel Hall

Erin Gee, voice

Colin Gee, actor and dramaturge

New York Times Review

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American Composers Orchestra 


Mouthpiece XI   Esa-Pekka Salonen, LA Philharmonic - 2009

LA Times Review

LA Philharmonic Program